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Gold Mines

Gold Mines

Gold is mined in two different kinds from the earth:

1. Gold Nuggets forms
2. Gold Dust forms

The methods used to mine gold are very costly, time-consuming and also risky.

Rich mines in South Africa produce about half of the world’s annual gold output. Russia is the second largest gold producer, with additional deposits found in Australia and the United States. Currently, the largest U.S. mine, the Homestake, is located in South Dakota.

Rare, versatile and highly desirable, gold makes beautiful jewellery. The appeal of Gold’s radiance has captivated universal by both men and women for thousands of years. The most malleable metal, gold can be bent, twisted, stretched, and hammered, lending itself to a wide spectrum of jewelry shapes and textures.The styles are available for chains, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings and everything from big, bold fashionable designs to intricately detailed crafted masterpiece, its all limited by the designer’s imagination.

Until today Chinese and Indian brides wear jewelry of  24-karat gold on their wedding day to ensure a lifetime of good luck and happiness. Its status endures as a symbol of wealth and prosperity and, a gift of gold jewelry says love and permanence as today as in all the ages.


Today Gold Rate

Gold Price in World Market

Gold jewellery is mainly considered a commodity in the world business markets, with the price fluctuating, generally controlled by big trade investors. Every day, the market opening in London, ” FIX ” the gold price (Gold Rate) and  is published current today gold jewellery rate worldwide in newspapers and the market closing day Gold price is realized on the New York City Commodity Market Exchange. Nowadays world share market investors investing their amount in gold so gold price ( Gold rate ) are increasing gradually.

Raw Gold :

Besides the raw gold material, the manufacturer or designer incurs costs of production charge, labor cost, quality control and other overhead expenses that add to the Gold jewellery final price tag.

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